€ 13000

€ 15000

FreZe Nikrob EV - technical data

Vehicle model
Vehicle name
Pure electric car
Long overall dimensions
2920 - Standart
3061 - Long Range
Wide size
1493 - Standart
1520 - Long Range
High profile size
1621 - Standart
1659 - Long Range
Total mass
Curb weight
700 - Standart
750 - Long Range
Maximum speed, km/h
100 - Standart
105 - Long Range
Approach / departure angle
Rated passenger (including driver)
Axle load
Front suspension and back suspension
Number of axes
1940 - Standart
2010 - Long Range
Front track
Rear track
1290 - Standart
1306 - Long Range
Number of tires
Tire specifications
145/70 R12
Steering Type
steering wheel
Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
Fuel type
Pure electric
Engine manufacturer
Engine power, kW
29 - Standart
32 - Long Range
Anti-lock brake system
Battery capacity, kWh
13.8 - Standart
26.5 - Long Range
Charging time, h
6 - Standart
7 - Long Range
The product is a fully electric vehicle. This model can be equipped with an Electronic Toll Collection System device. One charge is enough for about 200 km (Standart) or 300 km (Long Range). ABS type: RedABS5. Electric vehicle battery type: Lithium iron phosphate battery, battery system nominal voltage 109 V. Battery system nominal capacity 150 Ah. Max engine power: 29kW (Standart) or 32kW (Long Range). Includes: Supplementary Restraint System, LED headlights, Rear view camera, Automatic transmission, Air conditioning.

Press about FreZe Nikrob EV

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Freze Nikrob EV

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Avocado Green & White

Standart set of vehicle equipment
  • Charging cable
  • Radio receiver with Bluetooth and USB
  • On-Board Computer
  • Rear seats with split back
  • Rear view camera
  • Set of rugs
Personal data
Contact details

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